Soups On! It's What's for Dinner

a serving of beef stew in a bowl

Winter is here, bringing single digits to Michigan — and perhaps a hankering for something warm and filling for dinner. What’s more perfect to fill that longing than sitting down to a hearty bowl of stew, a serving of chowder, or a cup of steaming soup in your apartment? Today the 13 Twenty-Four Blog will be sharing soup making tips and delicious soup, stew, and chowder recipes for members of our apartment community to try out this month.

Tips for Making Soup

These are some helpful links we gathered up to assist cooks when making soup:

How to Make and Use a Slurry to Thicken Soup

Make a Quick, Flavorful Vegetable Stock in Just 10 Minutes

Muffin Tins: The Best Way to Freeze Single Servings of Soup


Beef stew is a favorite for a hearty, filling meal. Tender pieces of beef paired with potatoes, carrots, and onions hit the spot. We couldn’t pick just one recipe, so we turned to for a variety of beef stew recipes to choose from.

My Favorite Broccoli Cheese from Cooking Classy

This thick soup combines broccoli and cheese in a creamy flavor delight. The recipe uses both sharp cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese, plus onions and chicken broth, to make a dish sure to make your mouth water.

Corn Chowder from Chef in Training

Corn chowder, with its golden niblets of tastiness paired with golden cornbread, is the perfect fill-you-up supper dish. This recipe is creamy, thick, and full of flavor to bring back your favorite memories of the season. One reviewer, Jessica, wrote: “I recently won a soup cook-off at work with this recipe. Everyone was raving about it, so I gave them the recipe and your website.”

Tomato Basil Soup

This classic soup has never been easier than this delicious version from Six Sisters’ Stuff. Cook it in a slow cooker and with minimal effort after work, dinner is on the table.

Head to your favorite Kalamazoo grocery store or farmer’s market to pick up the ingredients for a pot of soup, chowder, or stew this month! Thanks for reading today’s post.

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