Halloween Costumes to Rock

A person in skeleton face and body makeup
October is here, and that means it’s officially time to start thinking about and planning for Halloween, if you haven’t already! Today the 13 Twenty-Four Blog is here to help you figure out your look or inspire you to come up with something you love. Head to a craft, costume, or general store near your apartment in Kalamazoo, MI to find what you need to pull it off!

A Juice Box

This costume is both adorable and simple to make. Use a cardboard box, wrapping paper, colored foam paper, and a plumbing tube for the straw and ta-da! Who wouldn’t want to be a giant juice box for Halloween?

Vending Machine

With a number of different sized cardboard boxes, some spray paint, a few slinkies, some glue, a piece of plexiglass, and some candy, you could be a vending machine for Halloween! Our only caution would be to make sure no one swindles you out of treats when you’re wearing this.

The Bachelorette or The Bachelor

Throw on your fanciest dress, tux, or suit; grab a bouquet of roses (real or fake); and go around the day or your Halloween party asking people if they will “accept this rose”. If you’re a diehard fan of the show, dress up as your favorite bachelor or bachelorette. It’ll make a great talking point for fellow fans.

A Makeup Look

If you’re handy with a makeup brush (or if you know someone who is), you can make a truly outstanding costume without too much fuss. Check out how this person channeled Scar from The Lion King, try this pop art makeup tutorial, follow the directions for this mermaid makeup tutorial, or get inspired by this pixelated image art for a look everyone will be fawning over.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Are you keeping it a surprise? Share your favorite costumes of years past or your tips for making something great by leaving a comment. Good luck!

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