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13 Twenty-Four is pleased to offer a variety of amenities at our Kalamazoo, MI apartment community for you to enjoy. Our previous blog post highlighted patios and balconies available to apartments, and today we’re focusing on the computer lab!


A new semester of school is upon us, so now is a great time to establish good study habits. Our computer lab is a great place to get things done, but it’s important that everyone practices proper etiquette so it stays clean and the machines stay in good shape for everyone to use, all year. Keep these tips in mind as you use the area to do your part!


Set a goal.

The computer lab is for all our residents to use, so do your best to limit your time to a reasonable amount. Not only does it make letting other people use it easier, but it’s more beneficial to you to get in and out as quickly as possible so you can focus on more in-depth studying or working elsewhere. So come with a goal in mind and your time will be so much more productive than if you didn’t.


Set a time limit.

Similar to having a goal for your trip to the computer lab, a time limit can keep you on track for accomplishing what you need to do. It also can be a good guide to follow when you don’t necessarily have one goal you want to work on but you still need a quiet space to work and study.


Clean up after yourself.

It’s always a good rule to leave a place better than you found it. Report any problems you have with computers or machines to on-site staff. And keep your food and drink at home to completely avoid the risk of damaging machines or leaving sticky residue on equipment. Everyone will appreciate it!


What other tips would you add to our list? Leave a comment below with your suggestions so the rest of the apartment community can benefit. Thanks for reading!


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